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Bung Guns Roll Up At Big Gold Do

Sydney Morning Herald

Friday June 18, 2004

Christine Lacy

Christine Lacy has tha tahme of her lahfe at Hyde Pahrk.

Er, ``resigned" Packer person Peter Yates seems to be having a little trouble cutting the ties that bind.

The former PBL boss was at last night's (all that glisters is not) Gold Dinner in Hyde Park, flying the flag for his former employer.

Suppose a $5 million payout, $21 million in shares and a loan for a $6 million Bellevue Hill mansion buys a lotta loyalty.

Hosting the PBL table at the annual bash, Yates broke bread with guests including Macquarie Equities media analyst and old colleague Alex Pollak. Yates's wife Susan must be looking forward to their holiday in Europe.

The Gold Dinner's organising committee was once dominated by Lyndi Adler but, a sign of the changing times, these days it is the domain of Skye Leckie and Middle East expert Lucy Turnbull.

The heavy-hitters from Seven must have found the scene at the PBL table deeply amusing. Seven's boss, like Yates, a Packer refugee, David Leckie was there in support of his charitable wife.

Alongside him was legal eagle Bruce McWilliam and his wife, Nicky, the operational chief, David Aspinall, and Ryan, the son of absent boss Kerry.

Perhaps Yates thought he might use the do for a spot of networking to find a new role.

Maybe a quiet chat with the likes of Goldies investment banker Alistair Walton, who with wife Gilly played host for the bank.

Also on the Goldies table was exec Simon Rothery, plus an array of big four bankers that was to include Westpac's Gire Kimberly and CBA's Marten Touw and Michael Cameron.

More of 'em

If nothing presents itself in the short term, Wentworth resident Yates could always lend Mal Turnbull a hand in his tilt for parliament for the Libs.

With Turnbull's ex-Lord Mayor wife Lucy also a super organiser, the parliamentary hopeful was at the golden bash flying his Centrestone flag, clearly unprepared to unfurl what's turned out to be his less-than-popular Pengana banner right now.

On Mal's table was artist Margaret Olley, along with his key political supporter Judy Joye, the ex-wife of businessman Ian but who these days steps out with ex-MacBanker and Bathers Pavilion principal Robin Crawford.

Also there with the Turnbulls were Mal's partners Russell and Michael Pillimer.

The Goldies crew could have done worse than getting cosy on the night with Gazal Corp boss Michael Gazal, who's just lifted the lid on plans to expand the shirt factory. Boss of Mambo, also in the Gazal stable, David Gazal, was there too, sitting with Dial A Dump's Ian Malouf, who at last year's dinner forked out $30,000 to take a stroll with Little Johnnie.

Also set to enjoy the night was a slimmer-line Aussie John Symond, who had his personal trainer, Olympian Jane Flemming, along no doubt to be hawkish on every bite he took. Other faces included ex-Westfield exec Danny Hofbauer, the Allco team David Coe and Gordon Fell with wives Michelle and Pip, and Allen Capital principal and former Arthur Andersen Sydney managing partner Peter Allen, who's now also on the Miller's Retail board.

Melbourne's Liberman family, under the LJCB banner, was represented by Greg Woolley, with Gary Weiss along for the night. Others who enjoyed the $10,000-a-table night included Mariner's Bill Ireland, Myer's fashionable Dawn Robertson, Ten's sales man Grant Blackley, the NRL's David Gallop, rag trader and mate of Rod Adler's Paul Hotz, boutique fund manager David Paradice as a guest of Record Investments, plus the under-employed Peter Holmes a Court and his wife, Divonne, along with similarly under-employed adman Greg Daniel with his wife, Louise McBride.

JP goes big in property

Didn't take him long.

Career property guru Andrew Pridham is already making waves as new boss of corporate finance at JP Morgan.

In no surprise, he's gone back to familiar pastures to snare new talent, persuading staff from his former UBS team to switch to a new side.

Joining JP Morgan is property research analyst Julian Biggins from UBS, along with Chris Wyke, Pridham's former corporate finance colleague at UBS before he, too, left for the boutique, Grange First Provident. Given Pridham's track record in building a property team from scratch, it's suspected the cheque book will be open wide in coming months. To attract the high calibre players, Pridham's already putting pressure on competitors, with his team yesterday accounting for more than their fair share of the frenetic trade in the listed property trusts.

When hot, you're not

While the gabfest between Trevor Kennedy's lawyers and the corporate watchdog rolls on about what can be accessed from the ex-Qantas director's hard drive, looks like the businessman is giving the heartless CBD a wide berth.

Even the Arctic conditions on Melbourne's Collins Street, where Kennedy cut a lonely figure last week, reportedly looking like ``a defeated man", must seem preferable to the reception he's getting downtown.

On the weekend the about-to-turn 62-year-old had what we reckon was an early birthday celebration at a restaurant at Tuross Head on the south coast with a handful of faithful mates.

Similar to what banned company director Rocket Rod Adler underwent, some of TK's one-time pals are giving the former Packer magazine boss a wide berth, a case of thinning ranks on Level 11 of Hudson House at 131 Macquarie Street, where the former Offset Alpine shareholder maintains digs under his Golden Words shingle.

Was a time when things there were as cosy as a teenage girls' slumber party. But no more, with latest out the door set to be ex-Merrill's boss Greg Bundy's boutique ECM outfit.

Bundy's moving to the top of the Brooklyn Hotel, while RG Capital's Tim Hughes, who was also on Level 11, is heading to MacBank, all going to plan.

David Paradice, who also used to be there, has long gone to fresh digs, leaving just the likes of Ian Holmes and the wider RG crew (sans Hughes) and fundie Geoff Wilson's Wilson Asset Management there to share the kitchen facilities with Kennedy.

As for that battle over the hard drive, parties return to the Federal Court next Friday. Might the former Offset Alpine shareholder celebrate his birthday the very next day.

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